Qwo® Cellulite Treatment

What Is The Qwo® Cellulite Treatment?

The Qwo® Cellulite Treatment is a prescription-only, FDA-approved injectable that breaks up the fibrous bands that are at the root cause of cellulite dimpling.

The fibrous bands act to push fat tissue up against the surface of the skin, creating the dimpling that’s so common with cellulite. Even if you only have a small amount of fat, these bands can create so much pressure that the dimpling appears anyway.

This is also why diet and exercise aren’t necessarily the right solutions for cellulite; while both can lessen fat tissue, it doesn’t solve the inherent problem of the pressure exerted by the fibrous bands.

That’s where the Qwo® Cellulite Treatment comes into play. This injectable breaks up the pressure caused by these bands, resulting in an almost immediate improvement in cellulite dimpling.

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Am I A Good Candidate?

The best candidates for the Qwo® Cellulite Treatment typically have moderate to severe cellulite dimpling on the buttocks. The Qwo® Cellulite Treatment is not approved by the FDA for use on any other part of the body.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

A typical Qwo® Cellulite Treatment usually takes about 30 minutes per session.

During this session, the injection will be administered on key areas of the buttocks, where cellulite is most obvious. You may receive up to twelve injections per treatment area.

What Results Will I See?

Results typically include significant reduction in cellulite dimpling.

You may need three separate sessions (spaced at least 21 days apart) to see optimized results.

Is There Any Downtime? 

Downtime is minimal. Most patients experience soreness and bruising at the injection site. To help deal with symptoms, you may be asked to avoid sitting or sleeping on your back for the first few days after your treatment session.

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