How Does DualSculpting Work?

DualSculpting is an FDA-approved procedure that uses not one but two CoolSculpting® machines to zap unwanted fat deep below the surface of the skin without harming surrounding tissues. The procedure uses patented freezing technology to damage fat cells allowing your body to naturally expel them over time. The result is a more streamlined appearance.

Results are long-lasting and dead fat cells are unable to regenerate. Once desired results are achieved, there’s typically no need for follow-up procedures. However, patients are encouraged to maintain healthy lifestyle habits to prolong the results of their CoolSculpting® treatments.

At Levy Dermatology, we’ve seen exceptional results from non-invasive DualSculpting throughout the face and body. With two CoolSculpting® machines, we’re able to treat both small areas and large in half the time.

CoolSculpting® is FDA-approved to reduce stubborn pockets of fat and can treat the following areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Flanks
  • Upper arms and armpit
  • Underneath the chin
  • And more!

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Am I A Good Candidate?

CoolSculpting® is designed as a body contouring procedure and should not be considered a solution for weight-loss. The ideal candidate is one who is within 20-pounds of their desired weight. DualSculpting can be used to help provide the final contours that diet and exercise alone are unable to resolve.

What Is Treatment Like?

Non-invasive DualSculpting treatments are a pain-free solution for fat-reduction. The procedure can be done in-office in less than 30-minutes. Afterward, head back to work, home, or your regular activities immediately. DualSculpting treatments are safe and effective for any skin type or tone. The procedure cuts CoolSculpting® treatment times in half by working on two areas at once such as the flanks and abdomen. We will work with you on a CoolSculpting treatment plan that’s tailored to your body and your goals. During your visit, the cooling devices are placed on the treatment areas. The most common side effects associated with DualSculpting are redness and tenderness at the treatment site. Patients may also experience slight swelling or bruising several days post-treatment.

What Are Expected Results?

Clinical studies have shown a 21% reduction in fat cells after just one CoolSculpting® treatment. You will begin to see initial results within 2-3 months as your body absorbs and flushes dead fat cells. You may require multiple DualSculpting sessions to meet your optimal aesthetic goals.

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