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When to Apply Acne Spot Treatment

Acne Scars Memphis

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Almost all of us have had at least a few acne breakouts. Some people outgrow their breakouts with the rest of puberty, but many of us find that the condition still bothers us as adults. Managing acne usually requires a comprehensive plan. Spot treatments offer a quick but short-term solution for managing breakouts. 

What Causes Acne?

Acne is common when oil, dirt, and dead skin cells become trapped in your pores. If not exposed to the air, this blocked pore will turn into a whitehead. When in contact with the air, the oil oxidizes and becomes a blackhead. Bacteria can inhabit these pores and feed on the trapped oil, creating inflammation. Cystic acne can cause painful, inflamed bumps that often leave scars. 

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When to Apply Acne Spot Treatment

Acne management usually starts at home, and many people try various treatments before finding ones that work for them. Spot treatments are a common way to treat minor or occasional acne. They can decrease swelling, eliminate bacteria, and help acne heal faster. However, they can be harsh and dry out the skin. 

The two most popular spot treatments are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. You can find these at different concentrations in creams, cleansers, topical agents, and spot treatments. Use caution when combining these skin-drying treatments, and follow product instructions. 

When to See a Dermatologist for Your Acne Treatment

If spot treatments and other at-home methods do not control your breakouts, you should consider seeing a dermatologist. At Levy Dermatology, we have a wide range of treatment options to manage your acne. You should schedule an appointment if:

  • You continue to have frequent breakouts despite at-home treatments
  • You have cystic acne that causes pain and inflammation
  • You are developing or are concerned about acne scars
  • You want help choosing the best products
  • You want to develop a comprehensive acne treatment plan

How Does a Dermatologist Treat Acne?

At Levy Dermatology, we offer the following treatments for acne. We will help you combine them as needed to build your plan for glowing, healthy skin. 

Topical Treatments

Our dermatologist-chosen topical treatments contain more powerful and effective ingredients than drugstore brands, making them an important part of your acne management arsenal. 


Some people benefit from prescription medications to manage their acne. Many people find these control acne very effectively, but they can have unpleasant side effects. 


Microneedling effectively controls acne and fades acne scars. It uses tiny needles to create areas of micro-damage in the skin, triggering a healing response. 

Laser Skin Resurfacing

This highly customizable treatment stimulates the skin to repair itself and rejuvenate its surface layers. As a result, your skin looks clearer and brighter. 

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