What Causes Excessive Sweating and How Can You Treat It?

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Sweating during hot weather or exercise is a normal, healthy process. Excessive sweating, however, serves no purpose and can be embarrassing. If you sweat excessively, your Levy Dermatology provider has treatments to give you back control. 

What Causes Excessive Sweating?

Excessive sweating, medically known as hyperhidrosis, can occur in many body areas, including the underarms, face, head, hands, and feet. The primary cause of excessive sweating is signals from the autonomic nervous system. This part of the nervous system is not under your control. For people with hyperhidrosis, this system may trigger the sweat glands even when unnecessary. 

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How is Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis) Treated?

Effective treatment for excessive sweating stops the nerves from sending signals from the sweat glands. Botox® treats hyperhidrosis by blocking the signals from nerves to sweat glands. This FDA-approved injectable treatment has been used safely for cosmetic and medical purposes for several decades. Botox® works by binding to targeted nerve cells and preventing them from sending signals. As a result, the sweat glands no longer receive signals to produce sweat. The rest of your body can still sweat normally, so stopping excessive sweating will not affect your ability to cool off. 

What Results Will I See with Botox® for Excessive Sweating?

Your Botox® injections will take less than 30 minutes, and you can start to see results within days. Within the first week, you can see up to a 90% decrease in sweating. Your results can last three to six months, and your Levy Dermatology provider will work with you to develop a schedule that controls your hyperhidrosis. Without so much sweating, you can stop worrying about sweat making a mess of your hair, makeup, or clothes. Many people feel a tremendous boost in confidence. 

Is There Any Downtime With Excessive Sweating Treatment?

You can return to your regular activities with no downtime after Botox®. You may notice minor redness, swelling, or sensitivity in the injection area for a day or two. You should avoid engaging in strenuous activity for 24 hours after treatment. If you choose to stop treatment, Botox® will wear off with no lasting effects on your nerves or sweat glands. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Botox® for Excessive Sweating?

If you have tried other ways to control your hyperhidrosis without success, Botox® may be right for you. Good candidates for Botox® want long-lasting relief from excessive sweating. Botox® is safe and effective for almost everyone, but you should not have it if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have certain neuromuscular conditions. 

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