What Causes Acne?

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Are you frustrated with chronic breakouts and becoming impatient with your skin care routine?


This could be because many topical treatments may not be targeting the true cause of your breakouts. Let’s take a look at the four most common causes of acne.

Most Common Causes of Acne


1. Excess oil production.

This is one of the most common causes of acne in teenagers and young adults. Hormonal changes can lead to excess oil production in pores.

Excess oil production can also occur when your pores are trying to compensate for dry skin. It is important to avoid products that may be too “stripping” and cause excessive dryness in the skin. For that reason, consider using an oil-based cleanser that’s approved by dermatologists for people with acne.


2. Clogged pores.

This type of acne can happen to both men and women, as pores that become clogged by dirt, impurities, and oil can result in acne.

Similar to excess oil production, it’s important to keep the skin clean and hydrated to prevent this type of acne. If you struggle with clogged pores, consider using a skincare technique that doesn’t cause inflammation, which could worsen and irritate acne.

3. Hormonal changes.

This common cause of acne can affect all ages! Fluctuating hormones caused by puberty, birth control, pregnancy, stress, menopause and more can all create the kind of acne that can be tough to treat with topical treatments.


4. Bacteria.

Acne can be caused by bacteria, much of which is present in things like makeup, washcloths, smartphones, and anything else that comes into contact with your face. A good skincare cleansing routine – and regular sanitation! – can help treat this form of bacteria, as well as regular bluelight treatments for acne.

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