What are Cysts, and How Can You Get Rid of Them?

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While benign, cysts can look unsightly or become uncomfortable. You can develop cysts almost anywhere on or in your body, and only some will require treatment. If you want to get rid of cysts, see a dermatologist and have them removed safely. 

What are Cysts?

“Cyst” is a general term that indicates a pocket full of fluid or other material. You can have cysts under your skin or inside your body, and most do not cause any harm. However, large or infected cysts may require treatment. If you have a cyst that bothers you, your Levy Dermatology provider has a range of treatments to help get rid of it. These cysts are usually:

  • Smooth
  • Slow-growing
  • Any size
  • Not painful unless infected

Cysts can become sore or irritated if they become inflamed or if their location causes friction. If you have a painful cyst, a dermatologist can usually give you relief with a minor procedure. 

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How Can You Get Rid of Cysts?

At Levy Dermatology, we focus on types of cysts that affect the skin. These cysts usually contain keratin, a protein found in skin, or sebum from oil glands. Some will go away without treatment, but if they do not go away and they bother you, we can help. 

At-Home Treatments

If you want to treat a cyst at home, apply a warm, moist cloth to the area. This may help your cyst open up and drain, which can relieve some discomfort. Under no circumstances should you ever try to squeeze or puncture a cyst. This can cause an infection or a serious injury. 


If you have a sore, inflamed cyst, your dermatologist may start by calming it down. Medication can decrease swelling, and antibiotics can resolve an infection if necessary. Long-term cyst treatment will work better when the inflammation has been controlled. 


Your dermatologist may use a syringe or make a small incision to drain the contents of your cyst. This will decrease the size and relieve inflammation. Your cyst may heal after drainage without other treatment or require surgical removal. 

Surgical Removal

This minor procedure empties the cyst and removes the “wall” of the cyst pocket. This definitive treatment should make sure the cyst does not fill up again. Not all cysts require this type of removal, but it will ensure you do not see a recurrence. 

Will My Cyst Come Back After Treatment?

Cysts may drain and fill back up again. Removing the pocket itself should prevent your cyst from recurring. It may not be necessary if your cysts are small and do not become irritated or inflamed. Your surgeon will decide on the best solution for your concerns.

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