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How to Use an Acne Spot Treatment

Acne Memphis

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Acne can affect people of any age, skin type, or gender. While some people may leave acne behind as they become adults, others will continue to seek effective ways to manage it. Acne treatment requires a comprehensive approach. You can treat even the most challenging acne with the help of a dermatologist. 

What is Acne?

While you might associate acne with teenagers and greasy foods, the condition is not limited to puberty and is not caused by diet. Acne can have many causes including bacteria, hormones, inflammation, oil. It can occur when pores become blocked with dead skin cells, debris, and oil. Bacteria that live on the face can take advantage of these clogged pores and cause inflammation. Your acne management program can start with emergency treatments, but you will benefit from a more comprehensive routine and possibly a dermatologist’s help. 

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How to Use an Acne Spot Treatment

Spot treatments are often helpful for treating single blemishes or small clusters. You should make sure to use spot treatments as directed. Many should only be applied to small areas, not the entire face. If you want to try a safe, effective spot treatment, we recommend:

  • Benzoyl peroxide
  • Salicylic acid
  • Sulfur

All four ingredients can dry out the skin. Do not leave them on longer than recommended. Along with spot treatments, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are used in many acne cleansers, lotions, and other products. We recommend reading ingredient labels to ensure you do not over-dry your skin. 

How to Start an Acne Treatment Routine

Frequent breakouts usually require a preventative approach. We recommend visiting a Levy Dermatology skincare specialist for more information. They will help you learn more about how to customize your personal acne treatment routine. This will include a cleanser and other treatments as needed.If your acne has resisted treatment with other methods, your dermatologist may recommend an in-office professional facial treatment. 

When Should I See a Dermatologist for Acne Treatment?

Anyone who feels like they cannot control their acne can benefit from visiting a dermatologist. If your acne causes you to avoid social situations or keeps you from enjoying your life, a dermatologist can help you gain control. A skincare professional can help prevent future breakouts and hard-to-treat acne scars. 

What Do Dermatologists Recommend for Acne?

You have many treatment options for acne. At Levy Dermatology, we often recommend DiamondGlow™. This gentle but powerful treatment resurfaces the skin, extracts dirt and debris, and supercharges the skin with intensive serums. Regular DiamondGlow™ treatments will leave even the most acne-prone skin soft, clear, and glowing. We also offer a range of treatments for acne scars. 

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