How Much Does Botox® Cost?

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Botox® is one of the world’s most requested non-surgical procedures for wrinkle reduction. The injectable slows down the aging process by severing nerve-muscle communication. Botox® is most effective for deep dynamic wrinkles caused by repetitive facial movements. Patients can experience long-lasting results with a single in-office visit.

Botox Cosmetics® treatments can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to a thousand dollars depending on a variety of factors. So, what goes into the cost of your Botox Cosmetics® treatments? Let’s take a closer look.

* Individuals Results May Vary

The Number of Injections Needed

Different treatment areas require different amounts of Botox® to be effective. Some practices charge by area while other providers charge per unit. It’s a good idea to ask your Botox® provider how they price treatments when getting your quote. Botox® can range anywhere from $10-$16 when priced by the unit.

The three most popular treatment areas for Botox® include crow’s feet, forehead, and the lines in-between the brows (glabella). According to, the average price per area for Botox Cosmetics® is about $550. Of course, the severity of your condition can sway that number one way or the other. Furthermore, men can typically expect to pay slightly more for Botox® due to stronger facial muscles.


How Often You’ll Need Treatment

Most patients typically get the results they want with just one Botox Cosmetics® treatment. However, some patients may need a second treatment to achieve an optimal outcome. This is especially true for first-time Botox® users that would like more gradual improvements.

Botox® usually lasts anywhere from 4-6 months. The amount used, the treatment location, and the natural aging process can all play a role in how often you’ll need maintenance treatments. As your muscles become used to the neurotoxin, you may need fewer vials to achieve your desired results.

The Skill of Your Provider

Be wary of overly low price tags and discounted rates when it comes to Botox Cosmetics® treatments. Unlike dermal fillers, the effects of Botox Cosmetics® are not reversible. When done incorrectly, Botox® can produce results that are overdone and not naturally-looking. If you’re unhappy with the results of your procedure, you’ll simply have to wait it out.

Botox® should only be performed by a skilled provider who is knowledgeable about facial anatomy. An experienced injector understands the precise points and depths needed to achieve an optimal outcome without complications.

All of our providers have undergone extensive training when it comes to Botox Cosmetics®. In fact, Dr. Levy is an Allergan trainer and has trained many professionals on how to administer Botox properly. Our providers have helped hundreds of men and women get the results they want with the minimally invasive procedure. Dr. Levy provides exceptional treatments at competitive rates throughout the Memphis, TN area. At the time of your in-person consult, Dr. Levy or another skilled provider will assess your concerns and supply you with an upfront cost estimate for Botox®.

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* Individuals Results May Vary

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