How Does Qwo® Cellulite Treatment Work?

Qwo Cellulite Treatment Memphis

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As the only injectable that’s FDA approved to treat cellulite in womens’ buttocks, Qwo® provides an entirely new, non-invasive way to improve cellulite instead of just managing its appearance. While other treatments can tighten skin or reduce fat, only Qwo® addresses the real cause of that uneven appearance. 

Qwo Cellulite Treatment Memphis

What is Cellulite?

A combination of thinning skin, accumulated fat, and fibrous bands from areas of dimpled, uneven skin called cellulite. What causes some areas of the body to develop cellulite while others do not? Some areas of the body naturally accumulate some fat with age. This includes the buttocks and thighs. In addition, these areas of the body are more prone to developing fibrous bands just under the skin. 

These fibrous bands adhere to the skin and underlying tissues. This traps pockets of fat and causes them to bulge up between the bands. The areas where the bands have adhered cause the dimpling so characteristic of cellulite. 

How Does Qwo® Cellulite Treatment Work?

Unlike other treatments that work on the skin or the fat, Qwo® addresses the root of the problem: the fibrous bands. At the same time, it also helps redistribute fat and firm the skin over time. 

Qwo® uses enzymes called collagenases which are thought to target the adhered bands and release them. This causes a decrease in the appearance of dimpling and also allows the fat cells to spread out more evenly, reducing lumps and unevenness. Qwo® can also cause improvements in the skin over time by stimulating the development of collagen, making skin firmer and more even over several weeks or months. 

Most people will need three treatments, which your provider will give about 21 days apart. A session only lasts about ten minutes. 

What Results Will I See With Qwo®?

You should see results starting after several weeks, with full results at ten weeks after treatment. The enzymes need time to work on the fibrous bands, and afterward, the fat takes time to redistribute, and collagen will need time to develop. 

You will see a decrease in the dimpled appearance of the treated area, with the skin appearing smoother and firmer than before. Without the bands adhering and holding the skin down, dimples no longer create the uneven appearance of cellulite that bothers so many people. 

Is There Any Downtime With Qwo®?

You may see bruising and swelling in the treated areas after receiving Qwo®. Bruising should fade entirely within two weeks. Some firm lumps may develop during the progression of treatment. These will go away on their own. 

Most people can resume all their normal activities right after treatment with Qwo®. This makes it a quick and simple procedure to fit into a busy schedule. 

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