How Can You Treat Skin Cancer?

Skin Cancer Screening Memphis

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Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in the world and is typically caused by excessive exposure to the sun or tanning booths. This is due to the ultraviolet (UV) radiation that both the sun and tanning beds give off. Early detection of skin cancer is usually the best way to ensure a successful skin cancer treatment.

How to Identify Skin Cancer

If you’re not sure what skin cancer looks like, then it can help to identify some of the most common signs.

Skin cancer is often identified by unusual growths in your skin, bleeding patches, moles that change in size, discolorations, and other unusual skin activity. If you have experienced any of these things with your skin, then it’s best to get in touch with a dermatologist immediately to help identify if it’s skin cancer or another condition.

Mohs Surgery: The Most Effective Treatment for Skin Cancer

Mohs surgery is an advanced skin cancer removal technique that is used to treat most forms of skin cancer. This includes basal and squamous cell carcinoma. The procedure aims to remove entire cancer while not disturbing the surrounding tissue.

Benefits of Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery comes with a number of great benefits that make it the ideal treatment for skin cancer.

  • With an early diagnosis, Mohs surgery can give patients a 99% expected cure rate which is the highest of any skin cancer removal treatment.
  • Mohs surgery can ensure complete cancer removal which virtually eliminates any chance of cancer growing again.
  • Since the procedure only targets the cancerous cells in your skin, it can also minimize the damage caused to healthy tissue.
  • Is an effective alternative if other methods to remove or cure skin cancer have been tried but failed.
  • Most patients only require a single surgery that includes removing the skin cancer and also repairing the wound.
  • Mohs surgery offers the most optimized aesthetic outcome due to the minimal damage caused to surrounding tissue.

The Importance of Annual Skin Checks

Annual skin checks are important if you’ve been exposed to UV rays in the past.

For instance, if you’ve been sunburnt before or have a history of using tanning beds, then you have an increased risk of developing skin cancer and should consider annual skin cancer screening. This will help you identify the early signs of skin cancer so that you have a higher chance of curing it using Mohs surgery or another skin cancer removal treatment.

Skin cancer screenings only take around 10 minutes and they can help identify skin cancer even if you believe you’re 100% healthy. If you believe that you have unusual moles or if your family has a history of skin cancer, then it’s a good idea to attend semi-annual skin cancer checkups.

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