How Are Cysts Removed?

Cysts Removal Dermatology

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Do you have a smooth, rounded bump somewhere on your face or body? It might be a cyst. They can form almost anywhere, and if irritated or infected, they can cause pain. While some cysts may resolve independently, others may need a professional to remove them.  

What is a Cyst?

A cyst is a sac formed under the skin and filled with dead skin cells, fluid, or other material. Most pose no risk, but they can become infected and painful. Some cysts will go away on their own or respond to at-home treatments to help them drain. Others will benefit from the intervention of a dermatologist who can remove them properly. Cysts can resemble many other skin conditions, so have them diagnosed by a professional. 

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Does My Cyst Need to Be Removed?

Cysts come in many different types. Almost all cause no significant problems and will resolve by themselves. If your cyst has become infected, your Levy Dermatology professional may drain it. They may also remove the cyst to prevent it from coming back. Certain types of cysts, including those on the scalp, often reoccur if the cyst’s wall does not get removed. Only a medical professional can determine whether your cyst requires removal. 

How are Cysts Removed?

Dermatologists treat cysts in several different ways. They may suggest that you use warm compresses to encourage the natural drainage of the cyst. If the cyst has become infected, your dermatologist may drain the fluid out of it. They will also prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection. 

For complete cyst removal, your dermatologist may use a minimal incision technique. This works especially well on epidermoid cysts that often reoccur. These cysts are pockets in the skin that fill with old shed skin cells. Complete removal requires taking out the sac that the skin cells accumulate in. This technique uses an incision so small that it often requires no sutures to close. 

Can I Remove My Cyst at Home?

You should not attempt cyst removal at home. You could harm yourself or cause a serious infection if you interfere with the cyst. You can treat a cyst at home by using warm compresses to help it drain by itself. This method should not irritate the cyst. Squeezing or otherwise damaging the cyst can cause it to become painful and infected

Will My Cyst Come Back?

Your cyst could possibly come back. Many types of cysts have a habit of returning. Surgical removal may offer the best chance of making sure a cyst stays away. Removing the wall or sac of the cyst eliminates the space that filled up, preventing it from accumulating more material.

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