VISIA Camera System

VISIA Consultations regularly cost $80, which can be put towards your chosen treatment.

What is the VISIA Camera System?

Within minutes, the VISIA Camera is able to capture high-definition photos of your left, right, and frontal facial features & skin. The VISIA then uses the World’s largest skin database to rate your skin based on 8 unique properties.

The innovative system simplifies the consultation process and allows our doctors to analyze your skin on a deeper level. During this consultation, you’ll get incredibly accurate images highlighting problem areas.  This allows your Levy Dermatology healthcare provider to come up with the most personalized and effective treatment plan.

VISIA Skin Screening Memphis

The all-new 7th generation VISIA analysis system will keep your high-quality images on file so you can track your progress and results over time.

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To schedule your VISIA consultation at our Memphis location please call our office at 901-624-3333 or fill out the form on this page