Excision is a specialized surgical technique designed to completely remove a portion of unwanted tissue. The procedure is highly individualized based on the patients’ specific needs and goals. Whether it’s removing a benign growth, cyst, mole, or lipoma, Levy Dermatology in Jackson is here to help.

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How Do Excisions Work?

Surgical excisions are used to address a variety of undesirable skin lesions. Excisions are typically performed under local anesthesia, to minimize pain. To ensure the complete removal, we excise a portion of normal skin along with the offending lesion.

Your Levy dermatology provider will typically remove an elliptical shape of the area of your skin in question. The resulting wound is repaired by loosening the surrounding skin. Wound repair or reconstruction may be needed in some instances. In other instances, we encourage healing by granulation, which means we leave the wound open and allow it to heal on its own.

Once the specimen is removed, it is submitted for pathological review, and results are typically available within about a week. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Excisions?

Almost anyone bothered by the appearance of a mole, cyst, or lipoma may be a good candidate for excision. Patients that have recently been diagnosed with skin cancer could also benefit from either surgical excision or Mohs Micrographic removal. If you’re unsure if excision is right for you, we invite you to schedule an in-person consultation.

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How Long Does A Typical Treatment Take?

The amount of time you’ll spend in the office depends on the size and location of your offending lesion. The precise technique used can also affect the amount of time your excision will take. 

Consultations are often done on the same day of your procedure. You’ll want to contact our office to learn more about how long you can expect your excision to last.

What Results Can I Expect?

Results can vary from patient to patient. However, your skin lesion will be gone immediately following your excision. We’ll make every effort to ensure you see the best cosmetic results, but you’ll likely see some kind of visible scar. We’ll guide you on everything you can do post-op to further minimize any scarring.

Is There Any Pain or Downtime?

Most patients report little discomfort, and in many instances, Tylenol will keep you comfortable after surgery. You may experience some bruising, swelling, or numbness after surgery.

Although recovery time is variable, you’ll likely need to restrict activities and travel for about a week. This ensures a speedy recovery, with minimal scarring and bleeding from the wound that is healing. Our team will discuss every aspect of your procedure more in-depth at the time of your consultation.

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