Microneedling is a highly sought-after procedure that isn’t going away anytime soon. Patients can see real results with a minimally-invasive procedure that has almost no downtime involved. Almost anyone can benefit from microneedling treatments because they’re designed to improve the skin’s health without any harsh chemicals, lasers, or incisions.

Levy Dermatology offers several unique microneedling for patients depending on their individual concerns. We’re able to customize treatments according to your specific skin condition as well as your short and long-term goals. Let’s take a closer look at a few of your treatment options when it comes to microneedling at Levy Dermatology.


SkinPen® is a revolutionary microneedling device that creates tiny micro-channels to the superficial layers of skin. The minimally-invasive treatment triggers the skin’s natural regenerative processes as well as long-term collagen production. Treatments are generally quick, easy, and don’t require any downtime.

Many SkinPen® patients see a significant improvement to their overall texture and tone immediately following treatment. The number of sessions needed to achieve an optimal outcome depends on your concerns and goals. However, 2-4 treatments are generally able to address most textural irregularities.

Vivace™ RF Microneedling

Vivace™ is a unique microneedling procedure that uses radiofrequency wavelengths for additional skin tightening effects. Patients with moderate skin laxity can benefit from Vivace™ RF microneedling procedures. Vivace™ effectively repairs damaged skin caused by sun damage or the natural aging process.

You’ll likely be able to see some immediate improvement after radiofrequency microneedling. However, an optimal outcome typically isn’t noticeable until 1-2 weeks post-treatment. Patients can expect to get the results they want with 3-6 Vivace™ treatments. Your Levy Dermatology Provider can assess your concerns and determine the number of sessions you’ll need.

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Microneedling with PRP

Many patients opt to add PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) to their microneedling treatment for enhanced results. PRP is packed full of skin-healthy platelets, stem cells, and other growth factors that are known to repair damaged skin. Adding topical a PRP serum to your treatment may be worth considering if you’d like better results with fewer treatments.

How Often Should I Get Microneedling?

Once you’ve achieved your desired results from microneedling, it’s important to continue with regular treatments. Both SkinPen® and Vivace™ are safe and effective as needed. In most cases, patients opt for monthly treatments to maintain lasting results from their initial treatments. You can also prolong the outcome of your procedures with an at-home skincare routine.

I have been in different places with different dermatologist I made several treatments.

But here the difference was wonderful the doctor Levi him is a very professional friendly person, and the people who work with him are also people who treat you with respect and affection

The results is great

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