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What Causes Moles to Appear?

Memphis Moles

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Moles are dark spots that appear on the surface of the skin. While almost everyone has some, and they generally cause no problems, you should keep an eye on your moles to make sure that none of them show warning signs of developing abnormally. The dermatologists at Levy Dermatology can assess your moles for any potential issues. 


What Are Moles?

Moles appear as dark spots on the skin. Moles come in a wide range of colors, usually in shades of brown but sometimes pink, red, or purple. They typically appear in a roughly round or oval shape, and they can look raised, wrinkled, or have hairs growing from them. 

What Causes Moles to Appear?

Moles tend to appear and fade throughout life, beginning in the teenage years and continuing to around the age of 40. Many moles are hereditary, although they can also be caused by sun exposure. People who have a large number of moles may want to schedule regular skin assessments to make sure none of them have changed. 

How Can You Tell if a Mole Needs Treatment?

You can keep an eye on your moles using the ABCDE’s: asymmetry, irregular borders, color change, diameter over 6mm, and evolution or change. 


Most moles have a generally round or oval shape. If your mole looks asymmetrical, this can be a warning sign, especially combined with other indications. 


Unusual moles can have irregular borders instead of the generally smooth ones that typical moles have. 

Color Change

Moles come in a wide variety of colors, but take note if you notice that a mole or part of a mole has changed in color. 


A mole with a diameter of more than 6mm can also be a cause for concern, especially if it has gotten larger. 


Normal moles usually maintain their appearance over time, so a mole that changes noticeably may raise a red flag. 

A dermatologist can assess any moles that show any of these signs and can make sure they receive proper treatment. 

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