What are the Off-Label Uses for Botox®?

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Botox® has been around for decades and is it the number one studied toxin internationally. The unique injectable has helped millions of men and women achieve their aesthetic goals. You’ve probably heard about many of the anti-aging benefits of the minimally-invasive treatment. Still, you might not be aware of how just how many applications the injectable actually has.

Botox® is a neurotoxin that works to relax facial muscles by severing nerve-muscle communication. The injectable is currently FDA-approved for treating dynamic wrinkles caused by repetitive facial expressions. Although temporary, Botox® can also provide some serious relief from certain medical conditions. Let’s take a look.

* Individuals Results May Vary

What are My Options?

More and more patients are turning to Botox® for cosmetic purposes. At Levy Dermatology, our expert injectors use precision placement and advanced knowledge and training of the product to ensure an optimal outcome for each application.


Botox® for Fixing A Gummy Smile

Our faces are a huge part of how we make first impressions on others and a beautiful smile is definitely key! Some individuals try to hide their smiles due to the upper lip curling under or raising and exposing a “gummy” smile. For people who are self-conscious of their smile, Botox® can be administered in tiny amounts to help relax the lip for a more balanced appearance, and months of confidence.


Botox® for Lip Lines

Many people develop vertical lines around the mouth as they age due to repeated muscular movements over the years. These lines are often nicknamed smokers’ lines or lipstick lines due to the fact that they develop from years or repetitive “puckering” movements associated with smoking, applying lipstick, and drinking from straws.  In this case, Botox® can be administered in combination with a dermal filler to smooth away these hard-to-treat lines.


Botox® for Under Eye Issues

If you are concerned about fine lines under your eyes, Botox® can be injected to smooth the appearance of fine lines and give you a brighter, well-rested look. As the injections work to smooth under the eye, it reduces lines and sagginess while making the area appear brighter.  This will give you a fresher, more confident look.

Is Botox® Right for Me?

Botox® is an incredibly versatile treatment option. While we’re still learning all the available applications, the injectable has shown promising results for a variety of conditions. The best way to determine if Botox® is right for you is to schedule an in-person consultation with one of our highly skilled injectors. They’ll be able to assess your concerns and provide you with in-depth information about how to achieve your goals.

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*Individual Results May Vary



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* Individuals Results May Vary

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