Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

Laser Hair Removal Memphis

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While we all love a head full of hair, the rest of our body is a different story. Most men and women deal with unwanted body hair on a regular basis. Wouldn´t it be nice if we could simply send our razors off to retirement? Well, thankfully there’s an entirely non-invasive solution that removes bothersome hair and prevents future regrowth.

At Levy Dermatology, our go-to treatment for unwanted body hair is the advanced BBL™ Sciton system. Laser hair removal with BBL™ Sciton is quick, easy, and virtually pain-free. Sciton safely and effectively targets the dark pigmentation at the base of the hair follicle eventually causing it to fall out. Surrounding tissue remains completely unharmed.

Laser hair removal is done in a short in-office visit. Procedure times vary depending on the size of the treatment area and your ultimate goals. Facial peach fuzz can be done in as little as 5-minutes while full legs may take upwards of 30-minutes. Patients can expect to be in and out of the office within the hour.

The majority of men and women find laser hair removal with BBL™ Sciton to be very tolerable. Because BBL™ is so precise and doesn’t hurt surrounding tissue, there is little to no pain involved. Most patients describe the pain level as being snapped several times with a small rubber band. For extra-sensitive areas, a topical numbing cream can be applied before treatment.

After treatment, your skin may feel warm to the touch (similar to that of a day in the sun). Side effects are minimal and should subside within several hours. Some patients report redness, swelling, and/or tenderness at the treatment site. Any post-procedural discomfort can easily be managed with over-the-counter pain medications.

Laser hair removal with BBL™ doesn’t require any downtime. Patients are able to return to normal activities with minimal restrictions. Most treated hair can be wiped off immediately following your procedure. In about 1-2 weeks, hair will continue to naturally shed leaving you with smoother hair-free skin.

Treatments are only able to target hair that is in its active growth phase. You’ll need to return for multiple sessions to ensure an optimal outcome. BBL™ for hair removal is typically spaced 4-6 weeks apart. The number of treatments you’ll need can vary based on your individual needs and goals. During your in-person consult, Dr. Levy will be able to determine what’s right for you and customize an actionable treatment plan.

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