How to Remove Skin Tags

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Although harmless, skin tags can cause irritation or make people uncomfortable with their appearance. While many at-home remedies exist promising to remove these small skin growths, a dermatologist will make removal safe and effective. 

Dermatology Memphis

What are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are common, harmless skin growths that can occur almost anywhere on the body. Soft and sometimes pigmented, these small growths cause no problems for most people. Some, though, may rub or catch on clothing or become irritated and uncomfortable. Others may appear in a conspicuous place such as on the neck, where it can make its owner feel self-conscious. Skin tags that cause no problems can stay in place with no harm, but if they bother you, the professionals at Levy Dermatology can make removal quick and easy. 

How to Remove Skin Tags

Your Levy dermatologist will remove your skin tags using one of several methods, depending on the location of the skin tag and which treatment will work best


Using liquid nitrogen, cryotherapy freezes the skin tag, damaging the cells and causing the skin tag to shrink and disappear. You may feel cold or tingling. The skin tag may require more than one freezing treatment to go away completely. 


This method uses heat to target the cells in the skin tag, which will dry up and fall off in response to treatment. You will sometimes need more than one treatment for complete results. 


Using sterile tools, your dermatologist will cut off the skin tag. This method results in the most immediate removal, and with a small amount of numbing, you feel no discomfort. 

Can I Remove Skin Tags at Home?

Dermatologists recommend having skin tags treated in the sterile and professional environment of a facility like Levy Dermatology. Most at-home treatments, which range from tea tree oil to at-home freezing kits, are either ineffective or potentially harmful. Some of these can irritate the skin or cause an allergic reaction, and liquid nitrogen can harm the surrounding skin. Some people even consider snipping or cutting off their skin tags. This can result in bleeding and infection. Most dermatologists strongly recommend professional skin tag removal, especially before doing any cutting on your own. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Skin Tag Removal?

Almost anyone can have skin tags removed by a dermatologist. If you have medical conditions, your dermatologist will choose a treatment compatible with your needs. In a professional setting, skin tag removal is quick and safe. 

Is There Any Downtime With Skin Tag Removal?

You can go back to normal activities immediately after having a skin tag treated. Your dermatologist may cover the skin tag with a small bandage to protect it from irritation.

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