How Often Should I Get a Skin Cancer Screening?

Skin Cancer Screening Jackson

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Staying healthy means attending regular checkups with your doctor, getting your eyesight checked, and making regular visits to your dentist.

As it turns out, you should add visits with your dermatologist to the list as well.

Skin cancer screenings play a vital role in keeping you healthy, especially if you’ve had exposure to UV rays in the past (ex: sunburns, use of tanning beds, etc.). Read on to learn more about these essential checkups, including how often you should get a skin cancer screening.

Recommended Skin Cancer Screening Schedule

The jury is out on how often you should get a skin cancer screening from a professional dermatologist. Some medical experts claim you should only get a screening if you notice a new mole, while others say that you should go for an annual skin cancer screening, regardless of any changes with your skin.

Here at Levy Dermatology, we recommend that patients get a skin cancer screening every year. 

Think of this skin cancer screening as similar to your annual checkup at your physician’s office. Even if you’re 100% healthy, it’s still a good idea – it can help ensure that you catch anything as early as possible.

Most skin cancer screenings take about 10 minutes, so even the busiest person can make time in their schedule.

Signs You Should Do Semi-Annual Skin Cancer Checkups

1. You have a family history of skin cancer.

If people in your immediate family have had skin cancer (especially melanoma), it’s important to schedule skin cancer checkups on a regular basis. Depending on your family’s medical history, we may even recommend that you get a screening every six months.

2. You have unusual moles.

Whether they appeared out of nowhere or they’re starting to change shapes and sizes, unusual moles are a clear indicator that you should get a skin cancer screening from a general dermatologist. Your dermatologist can look at the mole and perform an excision to determine if it’s benign or malignant.

3. You’ve used tanning beds in the past.

If you used tanning beds or still using tanning beds, we recommend getting regular skin cancer checkups. Tanning beds have led to a significant increase in melanoma cases, especially in people in their 20s.

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