How Long Does Botox® Take to Work?

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If you have facial expressions, you probably have (or will have) expression lines and wrinkles. Botox® can relax moderate to severe lines and wrinkles for a more youthful look. Botox® has become synonymous with wrinkle reduction due to its popularity, safety, and effectiveness.

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What is Botox®?

Botox® was the first FDA-approved product to use botulinum toxin for wrinkle smoothing. It also has an extensive list of medical uses. Your facial muscles pull on and crease your skin each time you smile, frown, or laugh. With time, the skin cannot relax back to its smooth state between expressions. Botox® stops the muscle activity, so your wrinkles can soften and disappear. Botox® works equally well for men and women, although men often have heavier forehead and brow lines. 

How Does Botox® Work?

The active ingredient in Botox®, purified botulinum toxin, works by interfering with the signals between nerves and muscles. When injected into your facial muscles, Botox® pauses the nerves from sending signals telling your muscles to contract. As the muscles relax and soften, so can your skin. Botox® has been approved to treat crow’s feet, forehead creases, and vertical lines between the brows (glabellar lines). 

How Long Does Botox® Take to Work?

Many people start to see results from Botox® within a week or two after their injections. You will see your results continue to develop for the next week or two. The injected Botox® takes time to reach the target nerves, quiet their signals, and relax the skin.

How Long Will Botox® Last?

While you might wish Botox® could keep lines and wrinkles at bay forever, the injections will stop working eventually. Botox® lasts about four months for most people. Many people schedule regular maintenance sessions to keep their results looking smooth and youthful. You can continue to have Botox® as long as you want to maintain your results.

Is There Any Downtime With Botox®?

You can return to work and most daily activities right after Botox®.  Post treatment, be sure to refrain from exercising for the first 24 hours and laying flat for 4-6 hours. Injections can take as little as ten minutes, and you will have no downtime afterward. Some people notice slight bruising, swelling, or soreness in the injection area. These will resolve within a day or two. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Botox®?

You may be a good candidate for Botox® if you have moderate to severe lines and wrinkles around your eyes and forehead. Many people now choose to get Botox® before they develop lines and wrinkles. This stops the muscle movement before it can cause stress on the skin. 

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