Where On The Body Can CoolSculpting Be Used?

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved procedure designed to help reduce stubborn fat that is typically resistant to diet and exercise. It uses freezing technology to destroy fat deep below the surface of the skin while leaving surrounding tissue completely unharmed. The majority of patients who walk through our door use CoolSculpting to slim [...]

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How Long Does It Take To See Results From Laser Halo Treatment?

The Halo is the world’s first hybrid fractional laser. It uses both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to completely rejuvenation the skin. Each laser is completely customizable allowing patients to treat a wide variety of cosmetic concerns at one time. Halo treatments can be as mild or as aggressive as you’d like. Overall skin tone [...]

Love your Lips This Valentines Day! What To Know About Injectable Fillers

Injectable dermal fillers are a safe and effective way to enhance your lips’ natural beauty. Patients seeking to achieve fuller, more rounded lips without the use of surgery may want to consider enlisting the help of fillers. Injectable fillers only require a short, in-office appointment. Our resident injector will carefully mark the areas to [...]

What Are the Side Effects of Voluma?

Voluma is the first FDA-cleared dermal filler to correct age-related volume loss in the mid-face. It provides instant long-lasting results with minimal downtime. Voluma has been shown in some studies to improve volume and overall facial contour for up to two-years. Voluma restoration treatments can be performed same-day in-office. The short 15-minute procedure consists [...]

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January Just Got Cooler: Top 5 Things to Know About CoolSculpting

Chances are, you’ve heard at least little about the latest craze in fat reduction; CoolSculpting. The innovative procedure is FDA-cleared to target and eliminate unwanted pockets of fat found on the abdomen, flanks, thighs, and more. You may not be surprised to learn that CoolSculpting uses freezing technology to zap hard to reach fat [...]

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Why is Botox So Effective?

Botox is an incredibly popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure- approximately six-million treatments are administered annually. It’s well-known for the high patient approval ratings and has been FDA-cleared for the moderate-to-severe treatment of pesky frown lines, forehead wrinkles, and crow’s feet. But, what is it? And, what makes it so effective? Let’s take a closer look. [...]

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Does CoolSculpting Have Side Effects?

CoolSculpting is an innovative approach for treating stubborn fat pockets on the body. Utilizing cooling technology, CoolSculpting provides noticeable results without invasive surgeries or complicated procedures. The entire process requires no downtime and most patients can return to their usual activities immediately following the procedure. CoolSculpting is FDA-approved to reduce the [...]

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What Can I Expect During Mohs Micrographic Surgery?

If your doctor or dermatologist has recently found basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma on your body, they may recommend removing the cancer with Mohs Micrographic Surgery. Mohs Micrographic Surgery has been around for over 70 years and has a 99% cure rate, especially with large tumors and aggressive cancers. How is Mohs [...]

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What Are The Benefits of High Frequency During a Clinical Facial?

The high frequency clinical facial is a type of skincare treatment that helps to treat a variety of skin issues including acne, fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness under the eyes. Utilizing a safe and gentle electrical current through a facial machine, the high frequency facial has been proven to stimulate new cell [...]

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Can BBL Treatments Help Alleviate Rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin disorder characterized by redness and acne-like effects. Rosacea affects over 16 million Americans – the majority of whom don’t realize they are suffering from rosacea. The cause of rosacea is unknown and there is no absolute cure. Fortunately, medical treatments such as BBL™ (Broad Band Light) treatments can alleviate and [...]

What Areas of the Body Can Be Targeted With CoolSculpting®?

Diet and exercise can be frustrating when they no longer seem to be helping you lose weight and shed fat. And losing those last few pounds can be extremely difficult. This is where CoolSculpting® comes in! CoolSculpting® is an FDA-approved, non-invasive procedure that uses the power of cooling to disrupt fat cells underneath the [...]

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Am I a Candidate for Mohs Micrographic Surgery to Remove Skin Cancer?

Detecting and removing skin cancer early is extremely important to a person’s recovery. While most patients are familiar with traditional skin cancer removal methods, many are not aware of Mohs Micrographic Surgery. Mohs Micrographic Surgery involves removing the cancer one layer at a time. This allows a surgeon to see where the cancer ends [...]

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Introducing Vollure™, the Newest Addition to the Juvederm Family

While it may seem like cosmetic procedures such as fillers and Botox are uncommon, their popularity continues to rise. In fact, in the year 2015 alone, Americans were injected more than 6.6 million times. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, this number is a 40 percent increase from only five years ago, [...]

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Get Your Skin Ready for Summer at our EltaMD Day!

Summer is right around the corner, which means more sun exposure for your skin. Fortunately, we’re ready to provide our patients with the skincare tips & products they need to be prepared with heading into these warm, sunny months! Join us at Levy Dermatology's EltaMD Day, an exciting event full of skincare tips and advice, [...]

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What Non-Surgical Options Are Available for Eliminating Chin Fat?

Submental fat (fat beneath the chin) can be difficult to target, especially through traditional means of diet and exercise. Many people struggle to see noticeable fat reduction around their jawline simply due to the extensive weight loss required to see a noticeable improvement. Additionally, fat beneath the chin is often a secondary [...]

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